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Wood Fence

Some home owners prefer the rich, natural look of a wood fence and it does have some advantages like the lower cost of the material. Wood fencing can be easily customized, stained or painted to fit the surrounding environment. This means you won’t spend as much on installation, keeping costs for your project lower while still getting the customization you needed.

There are many varieties of wood including pine, cedar, spruce and pressure treated lumber. Wood fence styles include stockade fences, privacy fences, pool fences (including pool code fences), picket fences, board on board fences and split rail fences. Wood fencing is an environmentally friendly material that can add privacy, security and beauty to any residential or commercial property.

  • Dog ear top semi privacy
  • Dog ear top with space
  • Semi privacy with cap board
  • Board on board
  • Board and batten
  • Split rail
  • Stockade
  • Paddock
  • Estate
  • Spaced board
  • Picket

Vinyl Fencing

If you are looking for vinyl fencing, look no further. R&R Fencing, LLC is a Maryland based fence company that specializes in professional vinyl fencing and excellence in workmanship for vinyl fence installation. We are proud of the amount of styles and colors of vinyl fence that we can provide, we are confident that it will meet your expectation.

Aluminum Fence

R&R Fencing, LLC provides sales and installation of aluminum fences in all of Maryland. Ornamental aluminum fencing is considered best in class by many home owners who desire fence containment and security, but also want to add value to their property. Aluminum fences are decorative, strong and virtually maintenance free. Ornamental aluminum fences are available in many styles, colors and sizes.

R&R Fencing, LLC has access to specialized materials such as regular and mini-mesh fabric, specified coatings materials, and privacy enhancing option for chain link fences including windscreens or slats. R&R Fencing, LLC can custom-create your gates and fences in any size and width.

Commercial & Residential

Commercial and residential chain link fence products available in different height: 3’,3’6”,4’,5’,6’,7’,8’,10’,and 12’. Diamond sizes: 11/4” 2”and 23/8”. Colors available: black, green, brown and regular galvanized. Special colors available.

Split rail fencing is a very popular style with farms to keep livestock and small or large pets contained. Beyond the functional uses, split rail fencing adds a rustic charm to any property making it an ideal choice for businesses, parks, farms or residential properties. To keep smaller pets or livestock contained, you can add a wire mesh ether 2×4, 2×3 or 1×2. Height and color choices available in black, green, and regular galvanized.

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